Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Safe Winter Driving

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Winter driving brings extra challenges. No matter how good your driving is, there are some things you just can't control when the snow flies. So many extra distractions, extra challenges, extra things to take care of to stay driving safe.

Scott Marshall, the director of Training for  Young Drivers of Canada has plenty of expertise. He has been a judge on the first three seasons of Canada's Worst Driver on the Discovery Channel. He has written some great posts with winter driving help for Insurance Hunter, and there is so much in these!

For example, let's talk distractions. On icy roads, every distraction is more dangerous. With holiday gatherings, we are traveling with the kids more than usual right? Keeping the kids in check can be the difference between staying on the road, or hitting the ditch! How many times do you here "Are we there yet?" Even the best behaved children get restless on the road, and who can blame them?

Aside from distractions, have you thought about your vehicle maintenance? Some easy things can make a bigger difference than you think. How often do we remember to check our windshield wipers for example? A few years ago, my family and I were driving when the first snow fall of the year started. We turned on the windshield wipers, and one went flying right off and into the road! Oops! I never thought to check them. I knew snow was coming, but was not prepared.

Some things we even take it for granted. We think that is we drive a four wheel drive, or load extra weight we will have more traction. Well, there are some tricks that really are just winter driving myths. We all need to check what are myths and what can really help us drive safe.
 Even just knowing when to drive, and when to stay home many people ignore. Recently, I saw on the news that 40 cars were in the ditch on a small section of road. That is a lot of cars!

Insurance Hunter offers so much more than just Insurance. All of these tips can help you save money, and maybe even save you a trip to the ditch.
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