Monday, December 30, 2013

Weight Loss Through Revolt Fitness

Last year I posted about not being a statistic. I did not keep my blogging goals, but can report that I have lost over 50 lb!
Don't believe me? Well here is my before and after pictures!

How did I do it? I was fortunate enough to discover Revolt Fitness, and am so thankful I did!

What does Revolt offer?
How about a complete Meal plan guide with 6 different calorie levels, a complete fitness guide including full work out videos that are easy to follow even for a beginner! Throw in a privet support group for extra encouragement and advice. All of this is available for only $27 per quarter or $50 per year! This is a value of over $1000!

Why do I love it? Well for starters, the creator, Nichole Huntsman is a real person, with a real weight loss story. The work outs while challenging, are achievable. The meals are amazing, and all made with food you buy. You shop once a week, cook once a week, and take away excuses by having your food for the week all ready to go. My husband even eats some of the meals with me. They are that good!

The best part is the support. With the privet Facebook group you have access to Nichole her self, as well as people doing the program. They can answer questions, offer encouragement, and make the real difference.

To all of you looking to loose some weight in 2014, I recommend checking out Revolt. There is a one week trial, so you can test it out and see how you like it. Be warned, you will be hooked!