Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picking Windows

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

 Home renovations and upgrades are always stressful. So many choices, so many options, and so many features to pick from! 

Royal Building Products has a wide variety of building options, and I have leaned quite a bit from reading on the site. For example, vinyl windows. I never even knew that vinyl was an option for windows. I always pictured wood. Unfortunately, wood can rot, and needs to be repainted periodically. Vinyl does not. Aluminum can pit and flake. Vinyl requires very little maintenance. Just wash occasionally, and it is like new. That is a very good feature to me! As a busy mom, I don't have the time to spend constantly maintaining my exterior. I want something to look good with out me slaving away every few years.  

An other big factor is the energy savings. Did you know that heating and cooling are nearly 50% of the average home's budget? That is a very big portion and a great way to find savings. Vinyl windows and doors provide year round thermal performance, which will lower energy bills. All that money saved is sure a bonus!

Prices are going up for everything these days. We can't do with out clothing and food, so where does the money come from? Cost savings should be an important factor in any big decisions we make. It's not about what is cheapest, it's about what is smartest. Saving money is always smart, especially when you are not compromising function. 

Visit Royal Building Products and take a look at what they have to offer. I am sure glad I did!


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