Monday, September 23, 2013

Patio Door Options

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Renovations are never fun. They are a lot of work, and money. Plus the stress of all the choices can be unbearable! One thing that I am learning about is the importance of doing research before heading to the stores.

 Royal Building Products  has many products for your home, and is filled with information about them all. One thing I have always wanted to add to my home is patio doors. Now, I could just go an choose something nice looking, but we live in a changing climate. I need something that will keep winter air out of my house! 

That is why I am seriously looking into vinyl patio doors. There are so many benefits. A home's heating and cooling accounts for quite a large portion of a monthly budget. Since windows and doors are a large contributor to heating and cooling loss, it is important to look at what you will get from your new doors. So, what does vinyl patio doors offer you?

  • Savings on home heating and cooling costs
  • Reduced air leakage, drafts and radiant heat loss for increased comfort 
  • Maintenance free (no painting) I like the sound of that
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Larger glazing areas to allow more daylight 
  • Lower sound transmission
  • Enhanced curb appeal of your house and additional resale value 
  • Long Lasting

I am all about low maintenance and long lasting! Investing in your home pays off in so many ways. Low energy bills mean more money for other things, like more home improvements! With all the other costs rising in the world today, we can all use some money savings. 

Royal Building Products is a leader in their industry. With a focus on customer service, and product innovation, using Royal Building Products ensures you have quality with out sacrificing service. Visit the website, and see what they have to offer. 

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