Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't Forget the Travel Insurance

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Traveling can be stressful. When you are planning a trip out of the country there are so many things to arrange and plan. Make sure the paper is stopped, have someone take care of the pets, plants, and check the mail. Plan all the details, book the tickets, pack and hope you don't forget anything. What about travel insurance? If you are anything like me, you briefly look over your extended health plan, and check it off your list. It's enough, right? Sadly, this might not be what you think. 

Insurance Hunter has opened my eyes with a You Tube series all about travel insurance. I never realize all the things that I was not covered for. Things like canceled flights, and lost baggage. Flights can be canceled from illness, weather and even canceled business meetings. I never even considered some of the things that were not covered, and that would be out of pocket expenses for me if they came up. 

It is amazing how different policies can vary, and I am very fortunate I never had to learn it the hard way! Speaking to an insurance broker will be an essential step for my next big trip. I always knew travel insurance has value, but I thought it was for people with out extended health coverage. Now I know that it can fill any gaps your current plan might have.

Check out the series, it doesn't take long and it could save you more than you think.

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