Monday, May 20, 2013

Is Spring Cleaning Really Done?

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Most of us have tackled all of our spring cleaning tasks by now. we have washed the windows, aired out the house, de-cluttered. It is a regular routine by now.

Then we forget about an other big job: The family vehicle. We spend hours each week in the family van, and in summer there all the road trips, the camping trips, plus the usual activities. Whether you live in a busy city, or out of town, we spend a lot of time driving from point A to point B. 

Each winter we put on the winter tires, and pull out the heavy floor mats to catch all the snow and sand. The tires come off, but the mats typically stay in. I never thought about all the things we should be doing to prep our vehicle for the summer. Insurance Hunter has a great article with tips and reminders about what we need to remember every spring to prepare for the summer fun. Things like remembering to change those floor mats, and vacuum out all the sand and salt. Think of what is lurking in those little dirt clouds that appear when you step on your car mats. It can't be good to breath that all in all summer! Every time something is dropped, and we get in or out we are stirring it all up. Gross! 

Check out the vehicle spring cleaning tips. You might be surprised at how much you missed this spring! While you are there, take a look at the auto insurance quotes. Every one can use some savings, right? 

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Janell said...

I never heard of this - I will have to check out out!

Dee said...

Thanks for the info.

Dee from MadameDeals