Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time for Spring Cleaning

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Can you believe winter is over? Well, around here we still have so much snow it doesn't look like it, but I feel sping in the air. The snow is on the ground, the mud id muddy, but spring is coming! That means it is time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning gives me mixed emotions. On one hand, the house is organized, de-cluttered, and I feel good about my home. On the other hand, what to do with all of our junk um, stuff? No matter how hard I try, it always seems like I have more stuff, like they are multiplying! I guess it is natural with 5 kids. 


Not only do I have to de-clutter, but I also want the yard cleaned up, windows washed inside and out,  and a good deep cleaning done. 


Getting started is always the hardest part. Where do you start? Insurance Hunter has a great artical. Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized are so valuable! Things like creating a to do list, prioritizing that list, rewarding your self, and more! 


I know I am guilty of starting 10 projects at once, and am lucky if 2 of them get done. I think a to do list would really help keep me focused, especially if my hubby agrees to take me out for sushi when I am done it all! Mmmm, sushi.....


Living in a busy world is distracting, and it is easy to loose focus. Sometimes we need an out side perspective to show us things in a different light, it can make all the difference in the world! I really appriciate this blog post on Insurance Hunter. Organizational tips are just what I need!


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