Saturday, November 3, 2012

Loopeez Update and Giveaway

A while back I posted a review of Loopeez.

Loopeez are a shoe tying aid designed to help children learn to tie shoes.

With the help of Loopeez, my  Little E was able to tie his own shoes with in a day. This is a huge victory for me, as now he wears hockey skates. He can even tie his own hockey skates now! This is a huge time saver for a mom with a literal hand full! Tying shoes for 5 kids is supper annoying and time consuming.

With 1 great success comes motivation for another, so I tried teaching Little S to tie his shoes too. Little S is 5, and has poor fine motor skills. So I knew this would be a challenge. he is also the "I can't! It's too hard" kid. He is still trying to say "I can't!" but each time we are getting closer to him doing it by himself.

It's amazing to me how we live in a world of so many conveniences  like Velcro  I confess, I am the mom that when looking for shoes for the kids picks the Velcro or slip ons. It's just so much easier! Loopeez has made my life that step easier, and I am so thankful!
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Loopeez is giving our readers another opportunity to win their choice of a boys camo or girls camo Loopeez! Just enter below!
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Carrie Phelps said...

My grandsons would love the Skull & Crossbones.

Amanda said...

Dd would like the Pink Butterfly but mommy likes the Skulls & Crossbones! ;-)

itsme said...

i like the lizard ones

Heavenly Shadow said...

i like the white or clear ones

Tracey.A said...

My son would LOVE the skull and crossbones!!!

Vee said...

I like the Skull & Crossbones
[Skull & Cros]

Vee said...

Skull & Crossbones
[Skull & Cros]

Jennifer Clay said...

Pink Butterfly

Diana said...

I like the pink butterfly

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I really like the Purple Loopeez Peace
Super cute!
Thank You for the giveaway

Fiona N

savannah said...

My little guy would like the sports one

Sara McManaway said...

Awww...i think the skull and crossbones is cool

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