Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ups and Downs

We are a home-schooling family. I am a firm believer in home-schooling. I know it's not for everyone, it is a commitment, hard work, and an investment in our children. We have been home-schooling for 3 years now.

For a little background, my oldest 2 boys, Little P and Little E are EXACTLY 365 days apart. Little P had speech delays, and we suspect he is dyslexic. Little E is well spoken, and a book worm. Because here in our lovely province, speech therapy is only offered publicly until children are school aged with out enrolment in the public schools, Little P received very little help, and the therapist we saw was not very good. We decided to hold Little P back a year, and school the boys together. At first things went really well. Both boys were progressing  and there was no competition. Grade 1 came, and Little E was excelling. Little P was struggling. Grade 2. Little E was doing so well (100% on everything all the time) we made a decission to skip him ahead. He worked really hard, and completed Grade 2 and 3 in one year.

Adding to this struggle, is the addition of Little S in Kindergarden. Little S also has had speech issues, and struggles with his fine motor skills. We are working slowly with him, so he can develop his skills so he stays encouraged.
Little A is also doing some Preschool work this year. All of this combined with Little C's disability is keeping me super busy, and almost bald!

So now we are needing to make some decisions. While Little E is doing great, I am really struggling with Little P. He guesses all the time. Even things he had done correctly in the past, he is doing wrong. He believes he is not as smart as his brother, which breaks my heart.
Today we went and bought some new curriculum for Little P. We are hoping that the new curriculum style will be easier for him. I really was hoping to keep everyone using the same curriculum to keep costs down. Unfortunately, if we keep going like this, Little P won't be getting the education I want for him.
So much to take in!
The up today is Little A, who is not quite 4, has learned to write his name! I am so proud!


Celebrate Woman said...

Homeschooling is hard work!
And I am very supportive of your decision to try a different curriculum for your Little P. Try to use different learning styles with him and see which one he favors. Based on his learning style, you will be able to create your curriculum totally customized for him.
You are doing an amazing job, Mama!

April said...

Perfect example of what works so well for one may not work at all for another. You are doing a great job. I know the cost of things are inconvenient but it will pay off in the long run! Good Luck to you!!

Beth said...

I always wish I had the strength to homeschool my kids. My youngest requires so much attention she would never let me teach the older three. She's almost four.

Kim said...

Homeschooling is great. My grand kids are. Keep it up...you're doing a great job!!

Tracy said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job!!

Mama Bee Does said...

I applaud any and all home-schooling parents. I hope the new curriculum works well for Little P.

Jenni said...

I hope the new curriculum works too. Nothing better than seeing our little ones do well. My little guy has some delays as well and any time he does well in an area, it brings me such joy! Keep up the great work!!

Crystal Gibson said...

Kudos to you mom!! We are in our 2nd year of homeschool with 2 middle schoolers. It's tough sometimes but SO worth it!