Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kindle Fire Event

Welcome to the Kindle Fire Event

I love big giveaways! Thank for to our sponsors for this event!

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Most of us go through stages in our relationships. the exciting everything is new, the comfort of knowing each other and being able to be our selves with out fear, and then it can hit. The comfort is there, but we are so tired, we don't have energy for each other. So, now what? I have seen marriages fall apart because the couple did not decide to break that "rut" and put some energy on each other.

If you want to learn how to find a better balance in your life, and how to bring love and romance back into your relationship, Charles Johnson has all the answers.
 Visit our sponsor for this event at where relationship expert and author of the book “How to Find the Right One & Make it Last” shares his proven techniques to help couples reignite the fire in their relationships. There is nothing in the world that can compare with the joy and happiness that creating a family can bring. But having a baby is hard on any relationship. Moments that used to be filled with passionate kisses and flirty phone calls and late night adventures are suddenly replaced with breast pumps, dirty diapers and sleepless nights. For most of us, regardless of our marital status responsibilities of family and career take priority and we forget to take care of ourselves by carving out time to romance and be romanced. Visit to learn about the book and to submit the one burning question you’ve been too embarrassed to ask.  
About our Sponsor: Charles Johnson is the author of “How to Find the Right One & Make it Last.” He wrote the book to share his proven methods that helped keep his 33-year marriage alive and interesting. He has included practical tips and tools that he passed on to his three happily married daughters. The fourth daughter is now dating and a happy. His simple techniques have given more than 500 clients the tools they need to connect with that someone special. To date, he has helped more than 118 clients find the “Right One” and “Make it Last.”

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