Saturday, May 12, 2012

Signing Time On Demand Review

Before I had kids if some one told me to teach them sign language as a baby, I would have laughed. 
After 5 children, 2 of whom have speech delays, and 1 with speech and development delays, I am a believer. 

When my oldest was 3 months, I became pregnant with my second baby. At 1 year, my little baby was a big brother. By age 2, his "baby brother" was talking more than he was. It was then I knew we had a problem, but the waiting list for speech therapy was so long it took until he was 4 years old. While we waited, I didn't know what to do. Then I discovered Signing Time. Suddenly my son was beginning to communicate with me. He was signing and even speaking more after watching the DVD's. Then baby number 3 showed the same troubles. Buy this time we had learned the benefits of signing with babies, and he was able to sign starting at 9 months old. This saved countless meltdowns. Today, both my boys are speaking well, but we face a new challenge. My 14 month daughter is showing gross and fine motor skill delays, and speech delays. She has not said a word yet, but can sign milk when she is hungry.

When I was given the chance to review Signing Time's new Digital Videos, I was so excited. I knew this would be a huge asset to my daughter and the rest of the family. We chose to review Baby Signing Time Volume 1 - It's Baby Signing Time.

The Basics

Signing Time On Demand
Signing Time On Demand takes all your favourite Signing Time episodes and makes them available to you on any of your devices with out on-line steaming, so you can watch them with out an internet connection. No more searching for the DVD, or dealing with scratches. Just instant access to the Signing Time library. It's easy to set up, and easy to use! I can even let my children access it them selves on my desktop. You can take your videos and copy them to your iPhone or iPad (An Android app is in the works) giving you access on the go!

Baby Signing Time Volume 1 - It's Baby Signing Time
Baby signing time is created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, but all my children enjoyed it. The best thing about Signing Time products is the way they teach the sign. When introducing the sign there is a picture of the object or action and a childs narration of the word. The host then comes and shows the sign and explains how the sign is done. For the sign eat she explains "it's like there is food in your hand, and you bring it to your mouth." Every thing is colourful, and there is fun music playing. We then see toddlers signing and the child narrator repeats the word. After a few children repeating the sign, we see a mixture of children eating and children signing. This repetition and mixture helps show your child what the sign is for. In my experience, the delivery in the Signing Time products has been more effective than anything else I've tried. 

ASL signs taught in Baby Signing Time Volume 1 - It's Baby Signing Time.:
Eat - Drink - Cracker - Water - Cereal - Milk - Banana - Juice - Finished - Mom - Grandma - Dad - Grandpa - Diaper - Potty - More - Bird - Fish - Cat - Dog - Horse - Frog - Hurt - Where

These are the perfect starting signs for even the sceptical beginners

While You'll love it:
  • Convenient. No internet connection is required once you download the video, it's yours to watch at any time with out interruptions or quality issues
  • You can keep your videos even if you switch to a new computer or wipe your hard drive. Just download the player on the new computer and you have access to all your videos
  • Teaches ASL to your children (ASL can help reduce the unexplainable outbursts children tend to have, improve literary skills, teach a 2nd language, and can decrease frustration that comes with being unable to express oneself.)
  • Cost effective. Each episode is available at Signing Time On Demand for $14.99 USD. The DVD's are available for $19.99. Plus there is no loosing or scratching the disc!
  • Eco Friendly. No pollution cause in the manufacturing of a DVD
Why They will love it:
  • Lots of music (It's really catchy too)
  • Fun characters
  • Bright colours
  • Teaches babies how to effectively communicate before they can form words.

Extra Bonus And Freebie

Until May 18, you can be entered to win an iPad 3 with every download! Download a FREE Signing Time On Demand video for your first entry!

Get more information on Signing Time products at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Jenn said...

This looks amazing, great review!

Danielle Meek said...

Baby sign language helped us a lot when my little guy was in speech therapy... Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa Richins Myers said...

My friends use this with their kids. It's nice to be able to have a way to communicate with your kids more before they have developed the skill.

Steve said...

I will recommend this product.

AmberFaith said...

I LOVE Signing Time. My daughter (2 years old) has the "Potty Time" DVD, and she's really learning from it. She's speech delayed, but every week since she was 23 months old, she adds at least 50 new words to her vocabulary. Sign language is a helpful tool for communicating with a non-verbal person, especially a toddler who will get frustrated easily.

Great review, btw!


Anonymous said...

What a great review! These products are great, I love the music-that's what helps my daughter learn the best!

betty said...

Great Review!!