Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time for a change...

A while ago I posted about how I wanted to start wearing make up every day. I have been pretty good about it too. I even have been wearing jewellery again. So now I want to do something about my hair. I have poker strait, and crazy thick brown hair. I don't cut it often enough (pretty much after I have a baby. I know, I know *blush*)
The last cut I got was very blunt, and I hate my hair. I end up being the good old pony tail Mom.

Well I want this to change. Lately I have been doing a messy bun, but I have decided I want a change. I am thinking of getting layers, but am really nervous. The last time I had layers I cried because it looked so bad! I need help!!! Please help me pick a style!!

Bangs? No Bangs? I need to keep it long enough to put it back.
Here is my picture...

Any advice?