Sunday, February 26, 2012

So Many Insert Choices.....

When I first started cloth diapering 5 years ago, I only knew about big bulky All In One diapers that used flannel. I quickly realized there are many other choices out there. So what are the differences? Hemp, microfiber, bamboo, do you choose?
I was always told that Microfiber absorbs quicker, but Hemp holds more.
Most people have their favourites, but how does each insert really hold up?

I decided to do an experiment to test each of the inserts I currently own to see which ones were able to absorb the best. This way, I have a way to compare new inserts as I test them. After all, a cloth diaper is only as good as it's insert, right? I filled a measuring cup with warm water, immersed an insert for 1 minute. When the minute was up, I could measure how much water was absorbed by the insert.

So, how did they hold up? Lets see:

Each microfiber insert is different in size and quality. It is a standard insert for most cloth diaper companies.
Prestan's Pants Microfiber: 12 ounces
Rumparooz 6 R soaker: 10 ounces
Rumparooz Newborn insert: 6 ounces
Ordinary Microfiber towel: 8 ounces

I tried both Applecheeks and AMP Bamboo inserts, and got the same results with each. Each insert absorbed 10 ounces.

I tried AMP 2 and 3 layer Hemp inserts.
2 Layer AMP Hemp insert: 12 ounces
3 Layer AMP Hemp insert: 17 ounces

Organic Cotton
Flip Organic insert: 15 ounces
Flip Trainer Pad: 7 ounces

Cotton Prefold
Infant size Bummis Organic cotton prefold: 13 ounces

So there you have it. Most inserts can hold pretty close to the same amounts. I was very happy to see how well the Hemp inserts preformed. Hemp may not be as trim as Microfiber and Bamboo, but it is still my insert choice! Now I need to find a good test for diaper covers and pocket diaper shells. Any ideas?

Each of the inserts is from my own stash. All inserts were washed in the same detergent, and fully prepped. There are many factors in cloth diapering such as water hardness, soap build up, the use of diaper creams ect. These are my personal results.


Ashleigh said...

I am just reading your blog post for the first time and I know you posted this over a year ago, but do you remember if the applecheek insert you used was the 2-ply or the 3-ply? I currently have both and the flip organic and I am trying to determine which one will absorb the most but still be the trimmest as my daughter has gotten older and outgrown the absorbency of the 2-ply applecheeks.

Chelsea Klassen said...

Hi Ashleigh,
I was using the Applecheeks 2 ply. I am still in love with my Flip organic, and have gotten rid of my Applecheeks. They were not working for us.