Monday, January 23, 2012

Flip Training Pant Review

When I saw the announcement that Cotton Babies had developed a new Training Pant, I was intrigued. I love my clothdiapers, but has always put off by the cost of cloth trainers. Paying $20 for 1 trainer just seamed too much for me. I would need probably 8-9 per day, plus naps and bedtimes. So I would suck it up, and buy Pull Ups.
I am a huge fan of the Cotton Babies products, so I pre-ordered and waited for my newest addition to my stash to come.

For $34.95 you can get 1 shell and 5 organic cotton pads. That alone was a huge bonus for me, as it solves my price concerns.
The Flip Trainer fits children 20-50 Lbs (I even got a good fit on my 17lbs daughter)so it should easily last until your child is staying dry at night.

Easy Open Sides
One of the great things about a pull up is the easy open sides to clean up those messy accidents. The Flip Training pant has snaps on both sides for easy clean ups! There are 2 rows of snaps on the stretchy tabs giving you a perfect fit for any child.
I have even tried this as a side snapping diaper for my 10 month old daughter with great results.

Adjustable Rise
3 rows of snaps just like the 1 sized diapers I love, give you a custom fit. It fits my 17lbs daughter as well as my 31 lbs son beautifully!

Removable Pads
The organic cotton soaker pads attach with aplix at the front and rear of the training pant, preventing bunching, and still allowing your child to feel the wetness. When your child has an accident, just remove the pad and replace with a dry one! In a pinch, you can even place a flat or prefold under the flaps. It won't be attached, but when I tried it it worked fine.

Variety of Colours
There are lots of options available in all our favourite Cotton Babies colours, and there will even be an option to order different side panels to customize your trainer!

Of course the big question everyone is waiting for, how well does it work?
Cotton Babies did not disappoint!
I have tried my Flip trainer for every possible situation I could so far.
Over nights: with 2 pads, my heavy wetter son wakes up with dry sheets every time. With 1 pad, my 10 month old daughter wakes with dry sheets. This is a great day and night option in my house. I especially love that my son now has a night time option he can put on all by himself.

I love this trainer, and when I am ready to potty train my daughter, I plan to sell off her cloth diaper stash and just keep some Flip Training pants. The only complaint I have is there is no way to attach a second pad for over nights. This is a small complaint, because if your child is sleeping through the night then the pads do stay put under the flaps, but I would like to see a way to attach a second pad. Like I said, it is a small complaint. I highly recommend this trainer to anyone who is in the potty learning stage. It's a great product for a great price. Who could ask for more? It's even cute!

Buy Flip Training Pants at your favourite diaper shop, or directly from Cotton Babies here


Colca said...

Love the Super Hero shirt

signingcharity said...

Thank you for the review and feedback on twitter last night! Maybe if I buy a few at a time over the next few months, we can do this.