Saturday, December 24, 2011

On The Twelve Day of Christmas.....

For the final day of Christmas:
Remote Controls!!!

What little boy is not crazy for Remote Control cars?
This year my little guy will be getting the TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS FLIP THE BOUNCE BACK RACER!

I can't wait to see his face! He already wants to play with his brothers Remote Controls, and this is perfect because it is age appropriate!
"This FLIP THE BOUNCE BACK RACER remote control vehicle drives on both sides for double the speed-racing action! Drive your race car with the included controller as fast as it will go. Then, when you’re ready, flip the car to the other side. Now it’s a stunt truck and you can race it some more!"

Why they will love it:
A big kid toy that a 3 year old can handle!
Easy controls!!

Why you will love it:
Easy for a 3 year old to control, no more "Mommy help!!!"
It's Tonka, you know that means made tough enough!

Merry Christmas every one! I hope you enjoyed my 12 days of Christmas!!