Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Fifth Day of Christmas.....

8 Days to go!!

For the fifth day of Christmas:
Baby Stella!

When I first saw Manhattan Toys's Baby Stella I was dying to have a reason to buy it, but I had all little boys. When my brother had his first baby, I was so excited to see a baby girl to spoil. Right then I decided to buy this doll for her first birthday. 2 years later, my brother welcomed twin girls to their family, and I was asked to buy each of them a Baby Stella of their own for Christmas. I am more than happy to!

Baby Stella comes in 5 different designs, with assorted hair colour, and there is even a baby boy in the line up!

Each Baby Stella comes with a magnetic pacifier, easy for little hand to attach. The face is beautifully embroidered with detail, and has a removable diaper.

Why they will love it:
Baby Stella is super soft, and makes a wonderful "lovie" to sleep with
Little ones get to be a "mommy"
Accessories are available from feeding sets, to a tiny rocking horse

Why you will love it:
Encourages imaginative play
Soft and plush. No sharp edges

Buy Baby Stella at Manhattan Toys