Friday, August 26, 2011

Taggie "B"outique Review

One of our own blogging mamas also owns her own business.  She sent me some items to review for her business and I was completely ecstatic when I saw what all she sent me.  Her business is Taggie "B"outique and she does a little of everything.

The first thing we opened and saw and I gave to little baby girl was a touch and feel ball that has different materials to make the ball and a play tomato.  Little baby girl really loved these.  She even tried to play with the doggie with them.  They are constructed very nicely and they seem like they are going to be very sturdy.

The next thing we pulled out and used was an upcycled denim bag.  I put little baby girl's ball and tomato into it and let her go to town.  I loved the bag.  I love anything that gets upcycled and used for something else.  She carries it around everywhere.  Craftmanship was excellent on this item as well.

Then I opened it up to find some things in there for mama.  First was this beautiful upcycled purse/bag that I have been using religiously since I got it.  I love the butterflies on it.  The strap is very stretchy and even stands up to little baby girl pulling on it.  There is a pocket located on the outside.  Sadly I do wish there was a pocket on the inside.  I like having a place on the inside of my purses/bags to put my cell phone.  Being on the outside scares me lol.  But it is still awesome, awesome enough I am still using it!

Then I found some cloth wipes.  We don't use them as much as we use to anymore but I thought I would try them out.  They even came with a sample of Clean B wipe solution.  They were as expected.  Sturdy, great, and put together very well.  There were two different sets but they both worked very good.  I think these are some of my faves with the cloth wipes.

Then I got to pull out something I love love love--mama cloth.  However, due to the timing I was unable to try it out.  I mean kind of hard to try out mama cloth while pregnant :)  But I found a friend who tried it out.  She had never used mama cloth before.  She was a little hesitant at first.  I mean it is something you have to wash after you have used...not just throw into the garbage.  However, she came back and told me she loved it and wanted to buy more!  She said her only complaint....there was only one!  I decided to let her keep that one and pointed her to the direction of Taggie "B"outique!  
Sadly the last item I was sent I did not get pictures of.  I lost my camera and just recently found it and didn't get pictures.  But I am going to show one of hers that she sells.  This was a number matching set.  The one we got was purple and pink.  The numbers are constructed with the same material used to make the carry case.  They are great to use.  Little baby girl has so much fun with them.  Now if we can get her to stop trying to eat the numbers lol.  I totally would buy this set for any one I know whose child is having a birthday come up!  Wonderful!
So where can you go to order from her?  To her Facebook page.  And right now for anyone who makes an order the week this posting is up (so from now until September 1st!) you will receive a surprise gift from her included with your order.  WOW!  So stop over and check her stuff out and let her know LFOUH sent you! Her prices are reasonable, her work is exceptional, and of course she is own of our very own Mom bloggers :)