Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hexbug Inchworm Review

I hate bugs. They are creepy! Of course, my boys are fascinated with them. Aren't all boys? Well I think I found the perfect solution. Instead of my boys bringing in creepy crawlers in little jars, we bought them each a Hex Bug Inchworm. Hex Bugs are little robotic bugs sure to amuse any little boy. The Inchworm is a remote control crawling bug that fits in your hand. It can change direction, and is easy to control. The kids think these are just amazing! They race and battle them.

The price is right.The Hex Bug Inchworm retails for only $19.99. Not a bad price to save the shrill screams from bugs getting loose in the house! These are designed for kids 8 and up, but my 4 year old was able to control them himself when he got the remote away from his older brother.
Hex Bugs has a whole line of different bugs at different price points. I think I have found some stocking stuffers for this Christmas!