Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maude Baby Cloth Diaper Review

I was given the opportunity to test out a new cloth diaper. This cloth diaper came from a company called Maude Baby. I was really excited to try out a new cloth diaper that had not hit the market yet.

When I got the cloth diaper I was not given any information. I did not have reviews to read nor did I have anything to look at to determine anything at all about the diaper. So everything I learned about it was by pure first hand knowledge.

When I received the cloth diaper it was packaged very nicely just like almost any other cloth diaper you would purchase. It had instructions on the insert that was in the diaper that anyone could use, including people who are new to cloth diapering.

I took out the cloth diaper and touched it and felt the material. It was very soft. I removed the insert from it and it was super silky soft.  The cloth diapers have adjustable leg bands and waist bands so that they can be a One-Size diaper.

I almost did not wash the cloth diaper in fear that this softness would soon vanish and then that would be it. However, in order to review the cloth diaper I would need to wash it. So into the wash it went.

When I removed it from the dryer I was shocked to see that both the cloth diaper and the insert were both REALLY soft. WOW! How many times does that happen in the cloth diaper world?

Now the diaper I received was a One-Size diaper that should fit 6-36 lbs. Wow, so like most cloth diapers you can use this one from birth to potty learning...hmm. I have to say that is not necessarily true. I do not have a very big toddler. I mean she is 18 months, 22 lbs, and about 32". SO no she is not very big...and I have to put this diaper on the largest setting for it to fit. There is not a whole lot of room left in it. I have been told that these diapers run small. However, even running small I am not sure what baby out there it would fit at 36 lbs??

Now onto the big test. How did the diaper stand up to the DEED! Well I had to use this diaper a few times before I could give an honest 100% review. It held up wonderfully! Not one leak, not one blow out, and it is even still SUPER SOFT after about 5 washes!

Now how much do these diapers cost? Well I was not aware of any of this until Maude Baby released their website and information. They are about $21.00 a piece for a cloth diaper. That is about the same price as most other cloth diapers. They do not use microfiber so I assume that accounts for the extra cushioning in the price...atleast that is what I assume as I can not find any reference to what they are made of.

So would I purchase one of these diapers? Well lets look at my pros and cons:

Super Soft
One Size
No Leaking

Run Very Small
Not Sure What Materials Are Used

So yes, for a new baby I would for sure use them! However I am not sure how long the cloth diapers would last but atleast I know they would last a year.

So where can you buy one, or two, or three?

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