Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mama Wants a Bargain: Part 1

With the economy at a decline who doesn't love a good bargain? Especially parents who want the best for their children but can't always afford it. I take great pride in having nice things for my son but with the price tag on some items I just can't justify paying much for things he is only going to use for such a short period of time. I was very pleased to recently find that there are certain Daily Bargain sites out there that offer quality items for my kiddo, my home, myself, and heck even my husband at a steal! Some items up to 90% off! If you are willing to do daily checks of these sites to scope out bargains you are bound to find something at a great deal to spoil that special someone in your life (or yourself).

Here is Part 1 of my series of Daily Bargain Sites: Mama Wants a Bargain


What Zulily Offers:

Zulily provides a dose of great deals for babies, moms, kids, and the home. Several deals are released per day, most around 50% off the retail price of the item. Zulily offers anything from Nursing Gear to Rugs for the home. A great mixture of bargains for all ages and lifestyles.

Get Started At Zulily:

To view the deals on Zulily you have to first sign up for an account, it's 100% free and super easy. Without an account you won't be able to sign in each day to view the deals.

Why I Love Zulily:

I bought my Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag from Zulily, a $90 diaper bag for $50 (shipped!). They delivered my bag super duper fast and I LOVE it. I love that Zulily offers great quality products that I desperately want but wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. It's neat that there are several deals a day too as opposed to some other sites that only offer one item per day.

Mama Bargains

What Mama Bargains Offers:

Mama Bargains has some amazing deals and it's a very addicting site to shop on to boot! You will find anything from Jewelry to Baby Legs, sometimes even in the same day with their multiple stockings per day.

How To Get Started at Mama Bargains:

You don't have to open an account to browse Mama Bargains but it's helpful if you are purchasing an item (or items) to save your information or if you would like to take advantage of their forums (called the Playground). The forums are very nice and offer a place to buy or sell items you have purchased from Mama Bargains that you have found just aren't right for you. You can also find product reviews of Mama Bargain deals on the forums.

Why I Love Mama Bargains:

I love that the deals are random, Mama Bargains offers anywhere from 1 to 10 different deals PER DAY! Rejoice! You never know when a new deal with pop up or a current deal will disappear. It keeps you on your toes. I have Mama Bargains saved in my favorites bar and I find myself randomly clicking it throughout the day to see what new things I can find on the cheap. Brightens my day.

What Kid Steals and Baby Steals Offer:

Kid Steals and Baby Steals are sister companies. They offer items for babies and kids (respectivley). You will find anything from Baby Sign Language Educational Kits to quality kids tennis shoes at great prices! I've found items up to about 70% off retail price on these sites and the shipping is pretty reasonable too.

How To Get Started At Kid Steals and Baby Steals:

For either of these sites you don't even need to sign up for an account to get great deals. Simply save the sites (I like the Favorites Bar) and check back when the sales go live. Kid Steals sales release at 9am MT daily and Baby Steals sales go live at 9am MT and 9pm MT daily.

Why I Love Kid Steals and Baby Steals:

I love the simplicity of these sites. I don't have to sign in to anything, I just visit and if I find something I would like to purchase I add it to my cart and check out. Checking out is super duper easy too! I can do it all while feeding the baby, one handed, woohoo! I like that you can find things for older kiddos on Kid Steals too, I'm big on shopping ahead. I figure if I can find things at very reasonable prices now I will have them on hand and won't make so many expensive impulse buys when he gets older. I already have some items from up to 5T and he's in a 6 month now, yep I'm a planner.

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