Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The First Years Jet Light Weight Stroller Review

I purchased the The First Years Jet Light Weight Stroller at
Walmart.com for $39.99 and had it shipped to the Store for Free
because they were sold out in-store We wanted it for the intended
purpose of having a small, portable and light weight stroller to have
on hand all the time. It also said it holds up to 50 pounds. This is a
plus for us as we have a very large 2 year old.
We chose the Black/Grey color so that it could be used by our son or
daughters. There were a few things I would have like to know before
buying it. The handles are made out of a foamy/rubber-sponge like
material. I can already see these getting germ infested with no real
way to clean them. Good thing they are black. Also, we live in
Arizona. These are going to sun bake and fall apart in no time. They
will get all of that crusty fiber on your hands. Additionally, they
are very easily damaged. There is already a gouge in one of the
The canopy was a must. However, this mind as well not be on the
stroller at all. It does not function as expected. Its also bent in an
odd position and ends up smashed between the two handles on the
stroller while folded.

The basket isn’t big enough to hold a diaper bag, let alone a purse.
The cup holders are fabric. I wouldn’t put a drink of any kind in
Aside from these factors, the stroller steers well. It pushes easily
and does a great job pushing my monsterous two year old around too.
Its light weight, compact enough to fit in a small area of the back of
the van and can easily be stored in the corner or closet. It was very
easy to put together. It took only a few minutes to assemble. It looks
brand new (with the exception of the handles) and has made my outings
with 3 small children a bit more manageable.