Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Night Dinner Quick Recipe Chicken Casserole

So everyone looks for those quick recipes that will fill them and their families correct? Or even families who dine on a budget. (That is us!)  But how many meals are there that are actually yummy, filling, and easy on the pockets? Will I have one for you!  It is a chicken casserole.  But this is not your mama's casserole.

1-2 lb(s) chicken skinned and deboned (we prefer breasts but thighs work just as well)
1/2-1 box of ditalini noodles (these are really small noodles)
1 can of cream of asparagus soup (or any cream of soup you like)
1 can of cream of chicken with herbs (or again any that you like)
Small bag of peas (or another vegetable)
Small bag of Parmesan cheese ( actually used the rest of our bottle Parmesan we use in spaghetti)

Now here are where you can have several variances.  I like to slowly fry the chicken in extra virgin olive oil.  While that is going I start a pot of water for my noodles.  After the noodles are done, I then add the two cans of soup with 2 cans of milk.  I stir it until it is smooth and then add the noodles.  After the chicken is done, I cut it up and add it with the Parmesan.

I add salt and pepper to taste.  And feed my family.  This makes between 4-8 servings.  Add bread or a salad to finish it off.

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lilyk said...

This recipe looks very tasty. Thanks for sharing!