Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walgreen's Savings 3/24/11 Paid $3.00

This was my Walgreen's purchase that I got today. Kicker- I only paid $3.00. The only things that were full price were the Cottonelle ($5.00) and the Walgreen's dryer sheets ($2.00). The remaining was on clearance, and then half off the clearance price. There are 5 toothpastes ($.25 each), 2 travel Tylenol ($.80 each) 1 travel Excedrin ($.65), 3 Clean & Clear Deep Action Scrub travel face wash ($.25 each), 7 Neutrogena travel face wash ($.25 each), and 3 Clean & Clear Morning Burst travel face wash ($.25 each).

The total for all of those were $12.00. Then I had a coupon for $2.00 off the Cottonelle, a $1.00 off the Walgreen's dryer sheets, and a $6.00 register rewards (that is like cash).

So in the end I walked out of there with all those goodies for only $3.00! It is a great savings of $9.00!

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