Friday, March 18, 2011

2010 March | Franklin Goose Blog-- They LIED!

2010 March | Franklin Goose Blog

More on Franklin Goose. In case you wanted the is where they said the credits would be good for 2 years and so forth. Legal action? I think this is so sad!!

Too Many Reviews, Backlogged, and We’re Hiring

We are so impressed with the positive response from all you both in your reviews and comments. We have received over 50,000 reviews! As consumers ourselves we are very pleased with the quality of reviews and thoroughness. It is great that everyone is so personal and specific!
However, because so many people are responding we are a bit overwhelmed and this causes delays in our site, how fast we process orders, our suppliers, and how fast we can approve reviews. We hope we can address these issues here.
We and our suppliers are days behind in completing orders. The good news is that we will ship your orders and we will process your reviews. We are giving priority to credit card customers.
Second, your store credit will last **at least** two years, so take your time using it and wait for the site load to cool down. We’re not going anywhere and our product selection and reviews keep improving every day.
If your review is not processed immediately, please be patient. It is currently taking about 2-3 days to process reviews. As long as you post your review before the deadline of March 31st, we will count it even if the credit does not show up on your account immediately. We are a bit backlogged. We hope you can forgive us.
Also we happy to see how many experts are out there that really know your products! We love this! We are glad we are not alone in our passion for the organic and natural! For you experts who want a little extra cash we would like help and we are offering part time jobs to people who are passionate as we are and want to share your
knowledge. If you are interested please email us at and describe your biggest strengths, product knowledge, and where you might help.
Thank you for your wonderful kind remarks, support, and spreading the word!
The Team at Franklin Goose

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