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BabyBond Nursing Cover Review and Giveaway and Discount Ends April 10th!! ~CLOSED~

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 You have decided to nurse your child and you look all over for a nursing cover that you like.  You purchase 5 different ones and realize that you do not really like them, or if you do like them your little ones do not.  Sound familiar?  I am sure that is how it is for most women out there, especially if this is your first child, first child you are nursing, first time nursing in public, or any other scenario you could possibly think of.  The point is there is always a need for a nursing cover...just finding the right one for you and your baby is the tricky part.
BabyBond™ nursing accessories cover mom, not her baby. Mom is able to maintain her modesty. Baby remains uncovered benefiting from the infinite opportunity to make eye contact, interact, and communicate. After all, dining is social.
BabyBond™ iParenting Award winning patented designs are products of Slurp & Burp, LLC.

For me it is all to familiar.  When I first had my daughter I knew I wanted to nurse.  However, I feared nursing in public or nursing while family members were around.  Why? Because I am a plus size mommy and I could not find a nursing cover that would cover me, the baby, and the mama parts.  It took me 15 months to find a nursing cover that agreed with both me and my baby.  Why is that? Because the covers I did find I liked...my baby decided she did not because they covered her face.  She HATES to have her face covered for ANY reason.  We tried all sort of covers over 15 months.  Even as a newborn she did not want her face covered.  So there was always a fiasco on trying to get her feed if we were out or if there were family members there.  Most of the time baby and me would end up in the other room or if we were out we would go out to the car.  This puts a huge damper in things. Right?

I was given the opportunity to review a BabyBond nursing cover.  I was even given the choice of which one I wanted to use.  I decided based on the information on their website to go with the Flex version.  My choices were Original, Flex, and Couture. This one allowed me to get it in my size and not one that says One-size fits all or even most.  (Because if you are like me you know that One-Size fits smaller people)  I also got to pick the color.  I decided on the Chocolate.  I wear alot of browns and thought this would be great.

Prior to getting the product in I decided to go through the site and learn more about the product.  That away I knew what I should test for and give me ideas of more options I could have.  There is so much information on the site.   I found out that the BabyBond nursing covers typically run about $35.00.  One of my favorite things is there is a video you can watch to learn just how to use the BabyBond nursing cover.
Click on video to watch.

However this is not the only video they have available. This is just the one I used for the BabyBond I received.  I think it is great to see how to put the item on.  Sometimes when you get a new nursing cover you have NO CLUE what you are doing.  Atleast I did not!

On the day that I recevied my BabyBond in I was so excited.  I opened the package quickly.  The packaging came with it's own instructions too.  However, they did confuse me a little. So I just went back to the video.  At first I had the cover on wrong.  I thought something did not feel right.  I was sashing it over the same side baby fed and really it was suppose to be on the other side.  Once I fixed that things were amazing.  I was able to nurse in comfort and so was the baby.  I did not cover her face and I kept myself covered.  My husband was actually OK with me nursing in public.  And since my daughter is 15 months she likes to nurse in very interesting positions, and not one of her positions exposed any part of me.  That was a GREAT positive.

Now onto the other information you care about...the pros and cons.
  • Lightweight
  • Can roll up into it's own travel container
  • Does not cover baby's face
  • Comes with a built in Burp rag that is removable
  • Not a lot of color choices
  • Does not enable easy switching of breasts to rotate sides for nursing
  • Price is a little higher ($35.00), but if this is the only one you buy it might be worth it
Would I recommend this? Yes, without a doubt.  It takes a bit getting use to but in the end it worked for me and my baby and I am sure it will work for yours!

Where to buy one? (Use code: LFUH for 25% off)

How to win one?

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Babybond.com and tell me which style and color you would pick.
For extra entries do any or all of the following.  Leave a comment for each you do that include your email address.
Follow @UnXpctdHappEnes on twitter and tweet this giveaway. Please tweet, “@UnXpctdHappEnes and @babybond wants you to win a BabyBond Nursing Cover.  http://bit.ly/hj1RgO #bfing Ends April 10!”  Leave a comment with a link to your status.
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Make a purchase from BabyBond. (worth 10 entries) Leave a comment with the transaction number.
Giveaway ends on April 10. Winner will be chosen using random.org. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours a new winner will be drawn.
***Open to US and Canada***

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Bumkins Giveaway Winner! ~Updated~

The true lucky winner is ......
So who was our lucky winner?
This entry has been voided.

So who is  #18  #21?

Alisha L. said... 18
I am a liker both on Facebook @Alisha Lesage and GFC @Alisha L. I would buy a pack of the Premium Prefolds :) bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Diamenira said... 21
I would buy some bibs diamenira at aol dot com

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Toodlebugz Giveaway by Crunchy Angel Winner

So who was the lucky person to win this??

Congrats to:

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walgreen's Savings 3/24/11 Paid $3.00

This was my Walgreen's purchase that I got today. Kicker- I only paid $3.00. The only things that were full price were the Cottonelle ($5.00) and the Walgreen's dryer sheets ($2.00). The remaining was on clearance, and then half off the clearance price. There are 5 toothpastes ($.25 each), 2 travel Tylenol ($.80 each) 1 travel Excedrin ($.65), 3 Clean & Clear Deep Action Scrub travel face wash ($.25 each), 7 Neutrogena travel face wash ($.25 each), and 3 Clean & Clear Morning Burst travel face wash ($.25 each).

The total for all of those were $12.00. Then I had a coupon for $2.00 off the Cottonelle, a $1.00 off the Walgreen's dryer sheets, and a $6.00 register rewards (that is like cash).

So in the end I walked out of there with all those goodies for only $3.00! It is a great savings of $9.00!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pam Socolow’s Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Pregnancy Organizer and Planner is

Serena said... 17
Following - sbozek123@yahoo.com

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Crafted By Cassie Review and Giveaway Ends March 31!! **CLOSED**

Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect gift for a little boy? I know I sure have! I'm so used to having girl's around that when I had a son I didn't know where to even begin in finding him cute and safe play things. I was so lucky to have found Crafted by Cassie. She makes adorable hand made items that are great for little boys. Some are good for girls too but most aimed at boys.

My favorite item I've gotten to try out from her is her little Baking Buddy sets. Aprons and chef hats for little kids. They are especially safe because there is no tying of apron strings, it's all velcro! The hat is just like a little chef's hat with the puff on top. She customizes so if you give her an idea of what you are looking for she can try to find something to make you happy. My son LOVES race cars and so she was able to find a print in it that made both him and I super happy. He was so excited when he got his set. He announced himself as the 'best cooker in the world' and wore the set around the house for days and even to bed! His favorite activity now is cooking in the kitchen with mom. He pulls a chair up to the counter and is in charge of stirring. It's too cute.

He also received a cute little cape from Cassie that was velcro and he loves playing super hero with it. He kept turning his apron into a cape so we had to get him this item too. He likes to jump off the couch and tell us he is flying. The sewing on both items is awesome. Very good work and I've had no problems with the cape at all. My own fault when I washed the apron the first time I didn't velcro the waist strap and it caught in my washer and tore off. But awesome customer service jumped into play. When Cassie heard about it, she sent me a new strap free of charge!

Some other amazing items sold at Crafted by Cassie is her cute little fishing game. It's all safe and made with velcro. It's on my list of must get items since my son loves fishing but it scares me to hand him a real rod with a hook! She also makes great 'chalkboard' cards. At valentine's day she made little valentine cards with a piece of chalkboard fabric and a spot to stick a piece of chalk. A very unique idea. Right now you can buy the same type of cards only in the shape of an egg for Easter! Among my favorites that she sells are her roll up mats. Crayons and cars . The crayon one has spots to put crayons and then you can roll em up and not lose any of them. The car one is genius. You tuck a few matchbox cars in their slots and roll it up, but when it's unrolled it created a road for the cars to 'drive' on!

Cassie is a very 'green' mommy and makes a bunch of reuseable and handy items such as unpaper towels (with or without snaps) and cloth wipes. I have tried her wipes and the stiching is perfect. They are serged so have a great look to them too. She makes the wipes mostly from recycled flannel so it's soft and a great price! You can always find a great deal on her facebook page. And when she is not offering deals she is usually running some kind of fun auction.

Buy: Crafted By Cassie

Win: Set of 3 neutral fabric cloth wipes. One flannel/OBV, one flannel/flannel "new" and one flannel/flannel upcycled.

*Mandatory: Follow on blog AND like Crafted By Cassie on Facebook

Extra entries:
*Buy any item from Cassie (Worth 10 ENTRIES- Must list SEPARATELY (will be verified))
*Follow us on twitter
*Follow us on FB
*Go to Crafted By Cassie and tell us one item you would LOVE to own.

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Franklin Goose Email to their Merchants

Dear Valued Franklin Goose Merchant,

We sincerely regret the strong dissatisfaction some people are expressing in your and other Internet forums regarding our recent announcement to issue a coupon instead of store credit to reviewers from a promotion in March 2010. We especially regret the impact on those promotion participants who followed the rules and wrote honest, heartfelt reviews.

While the promotion was offered with the best of intentions, it was admittedly poorly executed under former Franklin Goose leadership. While we paid for all reviews initially, and while the majority of the promotion was distributed, we later found there were many inappropriate reviews and scams by people that obviously did not have direct experience with these products. We eventually were forced to decline these reviews and offer 40% discount coupons instead of the store credit in order to continue as a business.

Less than 0.5% of the 8,000 people who participated in the promotion are involved in this campaign against us and our records indicate many of them were the worst abusers of the terms of the promotion. We have also noticed that a few are either direct competitors or affiliated with competitors of Franklin Goose. Yes, there are several involved who were honest reviewers, and we regret not being able to have the resources to filter the good from the bad to honor their credits. That is why we chose to honor 40% off an entire purchase. Ultimately, since so many of the reviews were illegitimate we were compelled to take down all of the reviews.

We believe very strongly in our store, our mission, the amazing products that we carry, and our community. We are aware that the voices of the few that disagree with how we have handled it is loud and may appear to represent the masses. We have had so many more approach us personally with understanding and conveying how much they appreciate our commitment to supporting the organic, natural lifestyle. In-store customers are excited to have us in Richmond. We receive private emails and Facebook postings of appreciation.

We are now operating under new leadership and are implementing campaigns to address these issues and strengthen the image of our company. We have strong growth plans for the future. We very much value our relationship with you and our customers. Again, we sincerely regret any frustration our necessary action regarding last year’s promotion has caused you or our customers.

What do you think about all this?

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Should You Shop at Franklin Goose? All About Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Answers All About Cloth Diapers

Should You Shop at Franklin Goose? All About Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Answers All About Cloth Diapers

More information for you to consider. What do you think? Should we just ignore this? Or continue on with a class action lawsuit?

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Is Franklin Goose Cooked? | Diaper Buzz

Is Franklin Goose Cooked? | Diaper Buzz

Check this out on more information on Franklin Goose. This is a battle that is going to kill this company. And in the end it is hurting the natural parenting community.

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Giveaways and Reviews

There are so many ways to get reviews and giveaways for a blog.  Those giveaways are considered advertisement for a company.  I think it is awesome that companies use this option to get the word out on their companies.  There are so many benefits with doing this for both the company and the reviewer.  A lot of companies use this option, not just WAHM products and small businesses.  Look around and you can find larger companies who use this option as well.  I have seen Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat in Triton and Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx which are both great car seats.  I mean what is better for your company, giving away a car seat or two when there are great chances that due to that you receive atleast 20 new orders?  Well maybe. 

I love doing reviews and giveaways.  There are so many products out there that I am really hesitant  to purchase because of this.  However when I read reviews on products on blogs I find myself a little less apprehensive on the product.  It hits home alot more and gives me a sense of comfort because I know that person is being honest...well I hope they are!

Who wants to buy high ended items without nothing anything about them? Who wants to start cloth diapering without knowing anything about the different diapers? Would you prefer to buy a $75 item that won't work or a $35 item that will? Is it all about name brands?

For our family it is about what works best for us.  We hope that is how everyone works.  That is why reviews are important...giveaways are just a bonus.

So make sure if you participate in a review/giveaway you spread the love about it.  This is bow blogs get this information for you. 

Thanks :) and continue on your review and giveaway search wherever it may lead you!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

2010 March | Franklin Goose Blog-- They LIED!

2010 March | Franklin Goose Blog

More on Franklin Goose. In case you wanted the proof...here is where they said the credits would be good for 2 years and so forth. Legal action? I think this is so sad!!

Too Many Reviews, Backlogged, and We’re Hiring

We are so impressed with the positive response from all you both in your reviews and comments. We have received over 50,000 reviews! As consumers ourselves we are very pleased with the quality of reviews and thoroughness. It is great that everyone is so personal and specific!
However, because so many people are responding we are a bit overwhelmed and this causes delays in our site, how fast we process orders, our suppliers, and how fast we can approve reviews. We hope we can address these issues here.
We and our suppliers are days behind in completing orders. The good news is that we will ship your orders and we will process your reviews. We are giving priority to credit card customers.
Second, your store credit will last **at least** two years, so take your time using it and wait for the site load to cool down. We’re not going anywhere and our product selection and reviews keep improving every day.
If your review is not processed immediately, please be patient. It is currently taking about 2-3 days to process reviews. As long as you post your review before the deadline of March 31st, we will count it even if the credit does not show up on your account immediately. We are a bit backlogged. We hope you can forgive us.
Also we happy to see how many experts are out there that really know your products! We love this! We are glad we are not alone in our passion for the organic and natural! For you experts who want a little extra cash we would like help and we are offering part time jobs to people who are passionate as we are and want to share your
knowledge. If you are interested please email us at help@franklingoose.com and describe your biggest strengths, product knowledge, and where you might help.
Thank you for your wonderful kind remarks, support, and spreading the word!
The Team at Franklin Goose

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Crock-Pot Trio Cook and Serve Slow Cooker : Target Paid $24.99!

Crock-Pot Trio Cook and Serve Slow Cooker : Target

Do you like great deals? I do. I happen to be at Target today and I always look through their clearance section. Glad I did. I found this Trio Crock-Pot for $24.99 original price $99.99. I have been looking for one of these for months but they have always been $50 or more. I am so happy I found this deal.

Here are several other places I found it.

Amazon $89.99
Sam's Club $79.99
Crock-Pot's website $99.99

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Franklin Goose..over their head?

Have you heard? Franklin Goose has discontinued their promotion completely!

To all of our loyal customers,
We are writing to update you on the status of the promotion. As you may know, we were overwhelmed by an enormous number of reviews submitted in connection with the promotion, and we thank all of you who followed the rules and wrote honest, heartfelt reviews.
Unfortunately, many of those who submitted reviews merely sought the promotion's benefits without providing a commensurate genuine, honest review. While we initially filled a large amount of orders, we simply do not have the resources to continue vetting the reviews to distinguish those that followed the rules from those that did not.
In order to continue as a business, we must amend the promotion. This is not a step we take lightly, but one which is necessary for the health of our business. Accordingly, we have decided to take down and remove from the site all reviews which were written as part of the promotion. All open orders using store credit and partial store credit will be cancelled, as well as all remaining store credit. In their place, we are providing a one-time use coupon for 40% off of any purchase. The purchase can be as large or small as you wish, but only you can use the coupon code-it is not transferrable, refundable, or redeemable for cash and it can only be used on full price merchandise. The coupon will be good until September 15, 2011. In order to get your coupon code you must email us at
couponcode@franklingoose.com. This email is only equipped to send you a personal coupon code.
We understand that this step may frustrate some. If you have constructive feedback, we look forward to hearing from you. Otherwise we look forward to focusing our customer service efforts on customers placing orders.
We thank you for your time and effort in writing reviews and value you as a customer.
Thank you,
Franklin Goose

Now I am sure this would not be such a big deal to most people...I mean the credit was free. All you had to do is write a review on their products. They basically used this promotion as advertisement. However, it went far beyond what they had anticipated. So where lies the problem?

Well alot of people decided to "bank" their credits for 6 months or for a year because Franklin Goose asked them too. They said if you banked them and did not use them that they would give a certain percentage more of the credits. So some people did does this. However, now it is coming to the time where these people would be getting their credits plus interest...and guess what! They are not getting them anymore. I am one of these people.

When I first heard about the promotion I used about 1/8 of my credits. I received a couple items but the rest were put on backorder. After about 8 months of waiting I asked to cancel my order and would bank the remaining. Now my currently banked credits were about to be released with interest. I would have had a really nice chunk to spend. I was going to place an order of almost $300 with them and the credits would have been a nice deduction. However, now all they are offering me is a discount which would have been less...not by much but it would have been less.

So am I whining and crying? Yes a little. I took my time to fill out these reviews for them. I also thought about each review and wrote based on that...I mean I do reviews all the time so why would I slack here. So my time and energy have been wasted. I also wrote 2 reviews for them on this very page. One just a review on them because I thought they were awesome! The second review included a giveaway of a gift certificate. I was very please in them....until now.

This is merely my OPINION of them. Yes I am a little upset...but things will go on. I just feel bad for the hundreds of people out there who lost out on this opportunity because they did what Franklin Goose asked....they "BANKED" their funds until later.

Ok now that I am done ranting...please make your own opinion. But remember this...a company is only as good as their word, guarantee, and customer service....their products speak for themselves.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama Made Them Bathtime Boat Review and Giveaway Ends March 24th-- EXTENDED TIL MARCH 31!! **CLOSED**

Mama Made Them is a store where you can find unique handmade wooden toys for your children and grandchildren to play with. The owner prefers to not use paint, so she uses different types of wood to achieve different colors. The toys all have simple designs and are made to not break easily.

I have been reviewing this product for about two weeks. I have two boys, ages 4 and 2, who absolutely love taking a bath! I had just got done throwing out a large number of plastic bathtub toys in the garbage due to mold, so I was ecstatic to get this in the mail. The boys instantly took the boat and were pretending it was an “air” boat. They couldn’t wait to get it in the tub. My boys are not easy on toys and this boat has held up tremendously well. It comes with two little people which allow children to use their imagination as to who they are. This toy will last much longer than any other bathtub toy that I could buy. When my children are grown, I can hand this down to their children. If something does happen or the toy breaks, it can be cut and/or sanded and then fixed! If it is no longer usable, I can add it to the compost pile. If a plastic toy breaks, it is pretty much unusable and sits in a landfill. I love the fact that wood is naturally antibacterial. My family has really gone back to basics and I love that I can now incorporate bath toys into that category.

Where to buy one: Mama Made Them on Etsy

How to win your very own bathtub boat:

Mandatory entry:  

Head over to Mama Made Them and like them on Facebook and follow and let them know we sent you- comment with your email address

Other Ways to enter:

Follow the blog through GFC, RSS, NetworkBlogs, or Google Reader- leave a comment with your email address

Go to their website and tell us one other type of items they have (4 entries for doing this MUST LIST EACH SEPARATE)- leave a comment with your email address


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Blog Hop

Hello everyone.  I decided to try something new for the next month or so.  I want to host a Saturday Stroll Blog Hop.  

Each week we will be selecting one blog to be the Blog of the Week and will be listed in the #2 Spot!

Each week we will be selecting one blog to be the Blog of the Week and will be listed in the #2 Spot!
Here is how you can join:
1. Follow the Hostess( and leave a comment so they can follow you back).
2. Get the code and place it on your website or blog!
3. Follow as many blogs as you like and when they follow you, follow them back. (leave a comment on their blog so they can follow you back)
It is going to be really simple at first.  I will be working on a button so you can grab and make it all official. post signature

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$10 GC winner for new followers

Congratulations to:

Grig said...

Thanks for doing this giveaway! :) If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com - I'd like to get an Amazon gift card.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toodlebugz Review and Giveaway from Crunchy Angel Ends March 25th! **CLOSED**

Do you like to put your little one's in legwarmers, babyleggings, or anything to that nature? I do.  I am addicted to it.  And I love to buy them.  The only problem I have come up with is that I can only get them for by youngest.  She is 1.  But my oldest and I feel left out.  However, I think I have found a solution to that!
I came across Toodlebugz legwarmers thanks to Crunchy Angel.  They have wonderful choices and their products are made from bamboo, nylon, spandex, and other items.  And guess what...they come in youth sizes!!  Youth sizes also fit adults too..well as arm warmers :)

I became super excited when I found out that Crunchy Angel wanted me to review any 2 legwarmers of my choice.  Well I decided I wanted to go with ToodleBugz Just Ducks Legwarmers for my baby girl in Infant size and the CuddleBugz Black Legwarmers in Youth size for my oldest.  Then I decided to purchase a pair of the Bambooz Cream in Infant to compare the different fabric types.

Crunchy Angel had them out in the mail the next day and I received them a day later.  I was so excited that I got them that fast and was able to try them on.  The first thing I did was pull them out of their packaging and felt them.  The two in Infant sizes felt like pretty much any other leggings or legwarmers that I had ever purchased from competing stores.  The Youth legwarmers however was SOOO SUPER SOFT!  I right then decided I want to own at least 1 pair of these!!  They are really that SOFT!

Now because my daughter was not available my 14 year old niece decided she wanted to check them out.  Of course she loved them and decided she wanted a pair.  She is in a emo/gothic phase so the legwarmers worked perfectly for her as armwarmers and went along with her chosen clothing attire.  Which means, yes I do have to purchase more.  Because my oldest daughter wants a pair, just in a different color...and mama wants a pair!  Several other family members of mine have all fell in love with these legwarmers/armwarmers and all want their very own pair.

Now onto the younger daughter.  I wanted to know just how ToodleBugz compares to other legwarmers on Toddlers and Infants. They are much tighter to the fit.  Which means they stay on a little better, but the size will not last for longer than a few years.  The infant size only goes to about 3T.  After that I think they might get to tight, however I am not totally sure.  They will become shorter but may not be a bad thing if you are wanting a shorter legwarmer or even use them as an armwarmer.  They will fit from newborn on though which makes it a good starter legwarmer.  But like most legwarmers you have to buy a separate one for newborns anyways, the only difference is these extend on past the newborn stage.
Now getting into the wear, tear, comfort, and feel.  I would have to say they compare just as much to the other brands out there.  The bamboo are a little softer I think.  They do not stretch as much as the cotton ones in my opinion but they are just as great.  As you can see in the pictures they are very fitting which at this age is a good thing.  I rarely had to lift them back to her thighs like I have had to do on other brands.  

Would I buy either pair again, of course.  They run about the same price as most brands and they are just as durable and comfortable as the other brands.  The only downside I see is that there are not as many colors and designs.  They do have many solid colors but not many prints.  However, for older kids this would work out much better.

Let's now take a minute to talk about Crunchy Angel.  She is an absolutely wonderful person.  Her shipping is fast and reasonably priced.  The store is eye appealing and easy to navigate.  So why not shop from there? Oh and for you cloth diapering mamas...she also carried a line of Mommy's Touch pocket and AIO and Budget Bottoms diapers.  I have owned one of their OS Mommy's Touch pocket diapers and I really loved it.

Now how would you like a chance to win your own pair of Toodlebugz? Crunchy Angel has generously donated one pair of ToodleBugz to one lucky reader.  And the best part, the winner picks the style and size.  How great is that?

We are trying a new way of approaching giveaways and it is simple and easy.  We hope it is the same for you.  Fill out the form below to enter to win a pair of Toodlebugz legwarmers.  All information will be verified before a winner is announced.  Multiple entries are ok as long as each item is checked once!  So if you decide to do the mandatory entry and like the Facebook pages in one sitting and then come back later that is just fine!

Giveaway is open to US and Canada! Last day to enter is March 25th. Winner will be drawn using random.org. After contacted the winner has 72 hours to get back to me or a new winner will be drawn. Once the company is notified they are in charge of shipping the prize.

I was not paid to perform this review but chose so after using the product.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pam Socolow’s Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner Review and Giveaway Ends March 22!! **CLOSED**

When I received my pregnancy organizer and planner in the mail I was instantly thrilled. It was so much more than I would have even begun to have thought it could have been. It has a great protective plastic cover that makes it look official which was really great. You open it and it even includes a color matching pen! I started flipping through it immediately to see what all it would include for planning purposes. I was excited to find it had a category for everything I could think of plus more!

Right away you open the book to the calendar section, which is obviously every pregnant woman’s most important section. The most fun part of being pregnant to me is counting down my weeks. Pam Socolow’s Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner made this super easy by including cute little stickers you can put throughout the calendar section marking what week you are on. The first thing I did was filling the dates and put these stickers up! I immediately planned what I wanted to enter on a day to day basis as well. I included any symptoms I was having and what my ‘to dos’ for the day were. With pregnancy forgetful brain this quickly came in handy for me.

There were more fun stickers to post in the calendar as well. Included were: due date, hospital tour, baby shower, class, appointment, follow up, and a bunch of non-pregnancy related too! By having the non-pregnancy stickers, I was able to feel like this organizer was an all in one for me. I was able to use it to plan my life instead of just my pregnancy!
There was a contact section where I was able to list my healthcare providers, important contacts, and referrals. My favorite part in this section was a few pages for you to list who would be called when labor starts and when the baby arrived. It was fun planning that out because it had not even crossed my mind yet!

Another section included health information. I am able to track all information given to me at prenatal visits including blood work. This was especially helpful because there was a page for questions for my doctor so I was able to not forget anything important I wanted to ask. This also had a part for me to write down my insurance information which is great. Seeing as I intend to keep this planner in my purse it would be great in case of an emergency to have all my information handy like that. One thing I loved was that there was a menu and shopping area that helped me write down items I would be needing often enough to keep stocked so I don’t run out of anything important. There was also a lot of notes open in this section for whatever else you may need.

Now my favorite section of this entire planner is of course the baby section! You flip to it and you see right away the names planning. One page for girls and one for boys. I had no problem starting those ones! You have space available for advice from friends and even who gave it to you so you can thank them later if it was actually helpful. There is a handy checklist you can start and keep track of for items you would need to buy for the baby in different areas including; nursery needs, clothing, changing supplies, bathing supplies, and healthcare needs. There was also a checklist of what I need to buy for myself too! I loved that there is a section for the baby shower also. With my son I had a huge shower but no one wrote everything down! I was so embarrassed to later not be able to thank everyone for what they sent. But this time I am so happy to know I can track it all and not miss anyone. This section includes an area for gift registry and logging any gifts given to you. At the end of the book is a page for information about your maternity leave, hospital tour, and a planning page for your delivery day bag. There are also some plastic laminated areas in the back to save important papers or cards and a zippered plastic bag for special mementos or whatever you could imagine to save.

I truly enjoyed going through this book and sitting down to plan out my pregnancy. I can only imagine how amazing it is going to be since I will be this organized this time! I’m loving the idea of tracking my pregnancy day by day. I intend to print out a belly picture every week to and tape it to the weekly sticker pages. How great will it be to be able to save this planner and hand it over to my child when they are older? I get so excited about being able to share all of this information with my future child. I thank Pam Socolow for making such a great product and know what I will be getting for my friends in the future. I think every pregnant woman should have this organizer. It really will enhance any pregnancy.

Quick fact: The 2009 Family Facts Pregnancy Planner won an iMedia Parenting Award and was the editor's choice for Pregnancy Magazine!

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