Monday, January 31, 2011

Bumkins Giveaway Ends at 200 likers! **CLOSED**

So, have you heard of Bumkins? If you have you probably know about their bibs or their cloth diapers right? Well I love their items and I have used them off and on for years.  I have used their bibs more than anything as they are one of the places where you can get full covered bibs for your little ones, for a great price.

Well I am giving one of my readers a chance to receive a $20 gift card to Bumkins.  However there is a slight catch.  What is it?

Well to win this you need to head over and let me know what you would buy with the $20 gift card and join the blog.  Make sure to leave your email address.

If you want more chances invite friends to the blog.  How do you do this? Post on forums, your Facebook page, Twitter, or any other way you feel will get the word out.  Make sure to come back here with the link to your posting as well as your email address.

When we hit 200 likers on the blog I will draw a winner.  So depending on how much you spread the word is how long it takes to draw a name.

So get to spreading!!

So much happening

Well there has been so much going on and so much to do that I have completely lost track of alot.  My daughter just turned one and we are getting read to move.  However, I have brought on two other reviewers and mamas to help out with all we have to do.  They are Heather and Catrina.  I will post a little bio about them soon.  I am also looking into another blogger design and site to host our blog.  Any suggestions please let us know.  As always you can email us at  One of us will be happy to answer your questions.  Please look forward to our future reviews and our future giveaways.

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