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World Baby Foods by Dr. Susanna Review and Giveaway Ends October 9th! **CLOSED**

Everyone wonders when you are suppose to add variety and spices into your baby's diet right? Well I have found that it is good to introduce them as early as 9 months.  Where did I come up with that? Well Dr. Susanna at World Baby Foods thinks it is OK!  She has come up with baby food that not only introduce spices but variety from AROUND THE WORLD!

Dr. Susanna sent me one of each of her famous baby foods for my little girl to try.  I was so pleased and so ready for my daughter to try it.  Now, my daughter eats EVERYTHING she can get her hands on.  So I was ready to see if she would eat this or not and what she thought about it.

There are 6 different items produced by World Baby Foods.  They are BABY BORSCHT, BABY DAL, LULLABY THAI, QUE PASA CALABASA, SWEETIE TAHITI , and TOKYO TUM TUM .  They are very different and none of them are alike.

This process took 6 weeks to do.  Like most of you I had to introduce these one at a time to my little girl (in case of allergies).  I did one per week but I always had a back-up in case she was not thrilled to have it.

The first week we started with the Baby Dal.  This is a taste of India.  I of course tried it myself just to see how close it was to Indian food (which I love and hope she shared the same passion) and was amazed how close it tasted.  The color is at best described as rustic? You know the brownish red color.  So on to the tasting. So the first few bites of course are always the "taste" test.  By the 5th bite she had decided she LOVED it.  She happily ate the whole jar.  Now, from a mom's perspective the food smelled REALLY strong.  I honestly did not think she would like it.  But there was just enough cumin mixed in that it was not overwhelming.

The second week we tried Sweetie Tahiti from where else..Tahiti.  My daughter is CRAZY for sweet foods.  She loves her fruits and so I was sure she would love this too.  I tried this one as well.  It was not my favorite taste, but then again I am not a baby.  This one was white in color.  Looked like mushed coconut.  So after 4-5 bites my baby decided she did liked it.  She did not eat it as fast as she had the Baby Dal but she did eat it right up.  I think she was unsure about the coconut and banana mixture.  She really loves her bananas but the coconut was a new one for her.

The third one we tried was the Tokyo Tum Tum a Japanese classic.  Can I just say that this looks DISGUSTING.  I almost did not give her any but decided to do it anyways...I mean sometimes things taste much better than they look.  This was green.  Looked like mixed spinach with some other variable colors.  It took a bit for her to decide what she thought.  She ate a few bites here and there but in the end she did eat it all.  I did not try this one just because I couldn't get past the way it looked.

The fourth one we tried was Que Pasa Calabasa a baby food with a hispanic kick.  I will say this was orange and gross....and apparently my baby girl thought the same thing.  I thought she would love it cause she loves squash but I think the chili that is added through it way out there for her.  I did not go near this one and she did not want more than 1 bite.  So it was on to something else.

The fifth one we tried was Lullaby Thai all the way from Thailand.  I knew this one would be a hit.  She loves Thai even at this age.  I tasted it.  It was ok.  It was a orange color but really light.  I did not have any trouble with her eating this one.  She had it gone quickly but boy did she make a mess ha!

Last one we tried was the Baby Borscht from the European cuisine.  I have to say mushed beets does not appeal to me, but I am glad my daughter did not feel the same way.  It was a great mixture of foods although the color is BRIGHT red.  My daughter loved it.  I think this one was her favorite, but really how can you tell?

So in the end most of them were a hit...but not all.  Mom was happy with the turn out.  We did not have any allergic reactions and was able to introduce foods to the baby.

Now how would you like the chance to get samples of your own for your baby to try?

2 readers will win 1 set of 6 samples of each of the baby food.

The entries for this one will be simple.

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I was not paid to perform this review but chose so after using the product.

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Hope said...

Entry for the sample set of Whole Baby Food. Hope - - from the website I learned this baby food is only in the Pacific Northwest right now (CA, WA, OR).

Colleen M said...

I learned that they make their baby food with a blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients to make them nutritionally balanced.

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Colleen M said...

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Jodi Faye said...

I would love to win a sample set! I learned that Dr. Susanna's World Baby Foods has two missions: to promote a healthier approach toward infant development and nutrition, and two provide a line of baby foods that reflects this approach.

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