Monday, September 13, 2010

Sounds for Silence Special Offer

Did you miss your chance to get the Sounds for Silence CD set to help soothe and calm your baby?  Well I was just told about a special offer that Dr. Harry is giving.

Hi. Thanks again for running the Sounds for Silence promotion. We would like to offer your followers and blog readers information on a SUPER SLEEP SPECIAL for Sounds for Silence (this will not be advertised!). Would you like to let them know? Details below (which you can use directly if you like.)

Details of the super special, as Dr Harry has said, that you can use directly if you wish:

For friends of LIFE: FULL OF UNEXPECTED HAPPINESS, Amazon are offering a deep discount on SOUNDS FOR SILENCE (Baby Settling Program).

Normally $39.95, save $$$ and sanity for only $9.95 at
This price only while stocks last (to make room for the next shipment). Tell your family and friends as this will not be advertised!

Sounds for Silence is safe, fast and effective in soothing babies. Also a great gift idea!

So if you have not gotten it already here is your chance, and I highly recommend it.

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