Monday, August 23, 2010

Organic Baby Clothes, Diapers, Nursery and Gear - Franklin Goose Review

Organic Baby Clothes, Diapers, Nursery and Gear - Franklin Goose Have you heard of them? If you have cruised my site you know I am an affiliate with them. There is a really good reason. I LOVE this store. I mean seriously where can you go to buy cloth diapers, toys, furniture, and bedding all in one place. I mean I have not seen any other place like Franklin Goose.

Now how did I learn about them? Well a few months back they were doing a credit program where you reviewed products you had used and then they gave you $5.00 in credit for every usable review. Yes, I said $5.00 in credit. Let me say I had alot of reviews since I have used almost every product they carry.

Now they carry so much more and I continuously order from them to try new items as well as buy some of my favorites.

Now I am sure if you have heard of them you have heard a mix of reviews. I have to say that I believe that under the circumstances they had they are doing an awesome job. They gave away almost $1 million in credit! I mean seriously, how can you not love a store that does this?

I have made several purchases through them using both store credit and my own funds. Out of all my orders (and I have made about 7 orders) only my most recent order has been delayed. I feel had I used more than just store credit the order may have come faster....but since they are gifts for my baby's birthday and Christmas I am in no horrible rush.

I have had to email them several times and I usually got a response back within a few days. They always work hard to help me out and get the answers I am looking for.

Would I recommend them? Of course. I think everyone should shop there myself.

I am so satisfied with everything that I have received from them as well as their customer service. If you have not checked them out already then check them out now.

Also make sure to check them out on Facebook as well.

          Franklin Goose - Organic Baby Store

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