Sunday, June 13, 2010

ME! Bath, Your Ultimate At-Home Spa Experience

ME! Bath, Your Ultimate At-Home Spa Experience

So who doesn't like to pamper themselves with a nice bath or body wash. After you get done and all relaxed you have a lingering sweet smell that you love and makes you want to go back again? Have you heard of Me! Bath? Well I ran across it recently and about to make my first purchase.

Which is good news for my readers...because they are offering me as well as ALL of you 30% off...How great it that??

So to get the 30% off just go to their site....fill up your cart...and then add the promo code maketheswitch!!

Yes yes it is that simple!! Now remember this offer is only good till the end of July...So get those orders in!

Also don't forget to join their Facebook page at Me!Bath let them know I sent ya!