Monday, April 26, 2010

Small Wonders Wipes Online Shop- Best place to get wipes

Small Wonders Wipes Online Shop

So I use cloth wipes. And I have looked and looked for a place to get some from. Well this place gave me EVERYTHING that I wanted and could possibly ask for. Most of her wipes are around $1.00-1.25 a piece but she have some even less.

They range from flannel/flannel to velour/sherpa. They are so durable and wash really well. It only takes 1-2 to get the bum clean.

We also use them to wipe Miabelle's face after eating, when she has eye boogers, and so many other things.

I was really impressed on the work as well as the usefulness of the wipes she has.

Please check out her site, and let her know where you heard about her in her comments section. I do not get credit for that but it is always nice for sellers to know how their customers heard about them.