Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cloth Diaper Inserts

So I have been making cloth diaper inserts lately.  I took alot of old fleece, wool, microfleece and whatever I found that might absorb good and making inserts out of them.  Not only is it cost effective but it removes my old stash so I can buy new stash.  So here is what i have so far both made and unmade.  I am working hard and getting these completed and sent to friends who are cloth diapering too.  Maybe I will eventually do it to make money. 


dotcomkari said...

I use to make ones all the time for my son when he was little out of old microfiber towels! they worked so great! I made thick nighttime ones with four of the towels sewn together since he as a mean green pee machine.. worked wonders and was a great way to recyle!
how awesome for you! I hope you found some that work great!