Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I went to my Dr appointment on Friday and all was great.  I took my 1 hour glucose test and saw the OB who said Miabelle was doing great.....atleast as much as she could tell.  I say that because Miabelle was all over the place kicking the doppler and moving around like she was a fish out of water.  My OB just laughed.

However, later I get a call.  I failed my 1 hour glucose test.  They would have liked my numbers to be below 130 and they were 191 instead.  So now I have to take a 3 hour glucose test.  And from what I have heard and read my chances are slim of passing for Gestational Diabetes.....and to top if off IF I do pass it I have to retake the test again September 25...........

I have been so depressed lately and it had made me a very unpleasant person.  But I did talk to my mom for about an hour or so about it and other things and it made me feel better.  I wish I had my mom around me.

So come Wednesday which is Stephanie's 10th birthday I not only have to take a 3 hour glucose test but also get an ultrasound of Miabelle again......please let one or both be good!