Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scared and worried

Since Sunday I have noticed a decrease in movement from my little one.  And that says alot since normally I can feel every inch of her moving and constant and strong.  But since Sunday I have not felt a whole lot of anything.

But I also noticed today my stomach looks and feels alot smaller. I can actually see my feet right now. That really cannot be a good sign....or maybe my stomach is just evening out now from where it was pushed completely up.

I am scared. I have an appointment on Friday, and do not want to go before then because there is not much I can do between now and then anyways. I still feel slight little bumps but nothing that couldnt be contributed to gas or intestines.

Normally if I drink juice she gets going or if I sit squatting I can feel her. But nothing. I also have been sleeping on my stomach the last few nights I have noticed and haven't felt her like I normally do.

I am hoping I am just over worried and exaggerating my thoughts anf feelings. Or maybe she got into a different position and I can not feel her. It has me really worried. I have not *felt* her since Sunday night. I have felt things that could be her but not for sure.

I was really stressed this weekend and I hope that had nothing to do with it. I am really scared.